Fire Pumps And Controllers

Certified Fire Pumps

By maintaining the international standards, Firewater Service has always been supplying those fire pumps that are UL certified. These fire pumps surely protect one’s building from extreme fire issues within a short span. Our company is one of the best suppliers of these fire pumps in the Middle East and Dubai too.

Custom Configured Packaged Fire Pump Sets

These fire pumps are made according to the personal needs and requirements of clients. One does not need to make use of any sort of external power for operating these fire pumps. They even have a low maintenance cost.

Fire Pump Cloud System

The most critical and vital item in the entire firefighting system is a fire pump. Firewater Service has surely launched the best Cloud System that is a contemporary innovative monitoring system. This system enables our company to monitor our clients’ fire pump all day long no matter where it is placed.

Pump House Fire Pump Units

These units by Firewater Service have surely left no stones unturned. They have been designed by keeping in mind our customers’ specifications. Our team members thoroughly check the entire unit before it is dispatched.

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