Water-based System

Fire Extinguishers

Firewater Service are readily providing Water-based sprinkler systems for several properties based in the Middle East and Dubai. Sprinkler systems that are wet are quite vital in a building because they help in getting rid of excessive fire issues within a short period. Our systems are designed in such a way that they respond to fire quickly by making use of the latest technology.

Foam-based Extinguishing Systems

Firewater Service has been manufacturing and even supplying top-quality foam-based extinguishing systems from a long span. The systems provide excellent protection, and they are certified by UL and FM. We also provide discharge devices, proportioning devices, and mobile-foam equipment.

Wet Chemical Fire Suppression Systems

Firewater Service offers these suppression systems for all sorts of kitchens in the Middle East and Dubai from a long span. As a kitchen is such a place where the chances of a fire breakout are quite high. So, our systems are according to your needs and requirements.

Gas-based Extinguishing Systems

Firewater Service provides the best quality extinguishing systems that are gas-based to deal with extreme fire breakout in a particular industry. The gas-based systems supplied by our company are quite efficient and reliable too.

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