Fire Fighting Equipments

Fire Extinguishers

Firewater Service provides top-quality fire extinguishers to deal with all sorts of fire emergencies. Our products have been tested rigorously, and they are fully certified. As a result of this, full protection is provided to one’s property.

Reels and Cabinets

Firewater Service has been supplying the best fire hose cabinets and reels for all its customers residing in the Middle East. Our equipment surely ensures that your loved ones are safe from all sorts of fire breakages. The cabinets and reels dispatched from our company are fully tested. These things are even certified by UL, FM, BSI, and Global Mark.

Fire Hydrants

Firewater Service does not compromise on quality. Fire hydrants are undoubtedly crucial for dealing with excessive fire. Our company supplies a massive selection of high-quality fire hydrants for its customers in Dubai and even in the Middle East. These hydrants are even certified by Kitemark and LPCB.

Risers and Valves

Firewater Service always steps ahead of others by providing such risers and valves that are UL certified. We have been supplying the massive of breeching inlets, landing valves, and even angle-hose valves. Our products will surely save you and your loved ones from excessive fire issues.

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