Fire Damage
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Firewater Service provides the facility to restore the fire and smoke damage.
Water Damage
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Water damage is one of the common issue you face, but we are here to help.
Storm Damage
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We provide storm damage services,an unexpected tornado/storm can cause lots of damage.

Firewater Service promotes security and fire safety by providing top-notch life solutions. We also provide fire, water restoration services as quick as possible. From its central command in US and rapidly expanding around the globe. The world’s best fire-fighting appliance, vehicles and trucks, fire controllers and pumps, fire protection equipment, medical, training, safety, are readily being offered by Firewater Service.


Firewater Service has been promoting security and safety by protecting property and life across crucial industries namely commercial and residential facilities, gas and oil refineries, aviation and airports, education and healthcare, police and military, leisure and hospitality.

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Office Towers Downtown, CF

The project includes construction of 6 office towers. Among the outclass office towers consists of additional 42 floors and even a ground floor. These are linked with 5 podium levels that offer total 840 rooms. The other 3 4-star towers consist of an additional 31 floors and even a ground floor. These are linked by 9 podium levels that offer 906 rooms.

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IKEA Distribution Centre

An announcement made by IKEA Group is about its contemporary regional distribution centre. The company is till in the race for expanding its several retail services in the GCC. It will surely be the group’s massive distribution centre operating in the Middle East.

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Kempinski Hotel New Cairo, Egypt

Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski is surely an important destination for several crucial events. Crowning the spaces is the Excelsior dance hall that is Egypt’s most impressive and largest ballroom.